Sexism in modern Mormon culture.

I’m not a Mormon, but I was raised one. I’m still very passionate about helping the women in that culture who are constantly oppressed by their male counterparts, and the first step is awareness. And for the record, when I *was* a member I received my Patriarchal Blessing, which told me I would date for a long time, travel to many foreign lands and continue my education as long as I see fit. My God knows me. His God can’t touch me.

People are waking up.

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    Hooray for Utahns. Half the people I went to high school with are married or engaged. One ex girlfriend of mine has been...
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    Go read that survey, it will blow your mind.
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  16. losingmyid said: **American culture is disturbing.
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    This is the second or third instance this week of my friend’s being attacked for being a woman and speaking their minds....
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    This is not the Mormon belief system, though it can very, VERY easily be misinterpreted to look like it. I’m not a...
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  21. laurenweird said: That Christopher guy got married. I hope he has all daughters that want way more out of life than JUST being mothers.
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    Holy shit, misogyny. This is a body of people raised on the notion that a woman’s value is in her potential as a wife...
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